Brignall is Ft. McMurray's Only Authorized Isuzu Engine Dealer​

Producing over 1 Million engines per year, Isuzu offers some of the best quality engines in the world.

Ft. McMurray didn't have an Isuzu dealership until Brignall saw the need and brought it here to service our customers. We see it as an honour that people come to us when they need support to buy an Isuzu engine, or they require parts and service for an engine they already own.

Brignall trusts Isuzu to provide an exceptional product that gets results for our customers. Here's why:

  • Isuzu pays close attention to the design, engineering and production of their engines.
  • Isuzu engines are durable and will last our customers a long time.
  • Isuzu engines save fuel.
  • Isuzu engines range from 11.9-512 HP and can get the job done.
  • Isuzu engines have warranties that will give customers confidence in your decision to buy.