Brignall Equipment Solutions

Brignall Equipment Solutions

Brignall Equipment Solutions strives to live by our values of superior customer service, open communication and constant professionalism in our work space and dealings with clients.​


All businesses have humble beginnings, and Brignall Equipment Solutions is no exception.

Brignall Equipment Solutions began in 2012 with one service truck. Brignall initially performed engine diagnostics and general repairs on commercial truck fleets. Before they knew it, they were in the second year of business and secured a shop to expand their maintenance capabilities. The company was also offered the opportunity to be an authorized Isuzu dealership. That's when things really revved up for Brignall.

Brignall Equipment Solutions remains the only authorized Isuzu dealership serving the Wood Buffalo region. The company is proud of the tremendously talented, young, and energetic team that has built the organization into what it is today. When customers come in, they sense the good vibe and that Brignall's employees have high morale. People are impressed with how they're treated, and they always strive to make our professionalism shine through with every customer. Brignall has attracted some of the most knowledgeable people in the industry with experience at dealerships and engine manufacturers. We also have relationships with world-class manufacturers of engines.

Brignall Equipment Solutions means first-rate products and impeccable service provided by friendly, attentive, and intelligent staff.

Brignall's employees share some common goals and values contributing to an outstanding company:

Customer service is a top priority

Brignall has not lost the personal touch. We care deeply about our customers and helping them reach their goals. Our employees go above and beyond, not because it's a corporate directive, but that's just the type of people our company seeks to hire. Customer service is in our bones.

Communication builds positive relationships

We strive to be a company that's easy to talk to, that customers can trust. Brignall encourages customers to ask questions, come to us with concerns and maybe even make us beam with pride by letting us know when we exceed your expectations. We always aim to treat customers fairly and we aren't satisfied until you are!

Cleanliness shows professionalism

If you walk into the service areas, you will see the cleanest shop in Ft. McMurray. Brignall's technicians maintain an incredibly neat and organized work space.

Caring about our work

To Brignall, this means going above and beyond standards and manufacturers specifications. If other shops in town can't fix it, we can, and we'll have it performing better than it did out of the factory.