Brignall is Equipped with ESPAR/Eberspächer products​


Brignall has access to ESPAR/Eberspächer products.

Since their beginning in 1977, ESPAR/Eberspächer has evolved into an industry leader in climate control, heating and cooling systems. We can offer our customers their Hydronic and Airtronic heating systems. Brignall Equipment Solutions even uses these products in our own fleet of trucks.

Hydronic Heating Systems:

ESPAR/Eberspächer Hyrondic heating systems work through utlizing the power of the water cooling system that is intended to cool the engine and uses it to absorb heat and recirculate it into the vehicle cab. If you want to learn more about these heaters, click on the links below:

Airtronic Heating Systems

ESPAR/Eberspächer Airtronic heaters operate thought the intake of air from the exterior of the vehicle and circulating it into the cab of the vehicle.If you would like to research more on these heating systems, check out the following links:

Espar D2 Series Airtronic Heating System

D4 Series

+ D4 Series Sheet

Espar D2 Airtronic Heating System

D2 Series

+ D2 Series Sheet

Espar B4 Series Airtronic Heating System

B4 Series

+ B4 Series Sheet

Espar D5 Airtronic Heating System

D5 Series

+ D5 Series Sheet

Espar D8LC Series Airtronic Systems

D8LC Series

+ D8LC Series Sheet